Canis Central

Tunbridge Wells Dog Walker & Dog Groomer

Dog Walker Tunbridge Wells

Canis Central is run by Viggo Marshall, the dog walker Tunbridge Wells has all year round, no matter what the weather! All dogs are given an hour long walk, across ten different locations. These include Hargate Forest, Broadwater Warren and the High Rocks. As a dog walker, Viggo is committed to provide the best for […]

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Dog Walking Tunbridge Wells

Canis Central provides dog walking Tunbridge Wells based services, run by Viggo who┬áis passionate about all things dogs! Depending on their breed, different dogs require varying degrees of exercise, although ALL dogs love a good run-around! At least an hour’s walk a day ensures they keep in good shape, have healthier coats, better socialising skills […]

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Dog Grooming Tunbridge Wells

Dog Grooming Tunbridge Wells

Canis Central offers dog grooming to the Tunbridge Wells area. Viggo is qualified in Level 3 City and Guilds Dog Grooming, trained to groom both traditional and simple cuts for any breed of dog. Other services he provides are anything from a wash and dry, to a simple nail clip – whatever is required. Viggo […]

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